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The Tech Whisperers of the Industry

Welcome to Govannon, where senior developers, tech consultants and infrastructure specialists provide cutting-edge solutions to empower your business. With unmatched expertise, we deliver results that help your business thrive in today's digital world. Browse our website to learn more about our services.

How can we help?

Senior Developers

Our team of experienced senior developers provides expert software development services, ensuring that your projects are delivered to the highest standards.

Infrastructure Specialists

Our infrastructure specialists have the knowledge and expertise to design and implement robust and secure technology solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Technology Consultancy

We provide advice on the latest technologies and best practices. Our team will help you make informed decisions to take your business to the next level.

The team

Avatar of Gerard de Brieder
Gerard de Brieder
Rapid proto-typer and Software Architect

Gerard creates rapid prototypes and designs the architecture of software systems to meet client requirements. He provides guidance and mentoring to ensure software systems are scalable, reliable and secure.

Avatar of Rachid Al Maach
Rachid Al Maach
Software Engineer and SSO Specialist

Rachid develops software utilizing several development methodologies and tools. He also provides guidance and mentoring to junior developers and participates in code reviews to ensure high quality software that meets industry standards.

Avatar of Christiaan van Bemmel
Christiaan van Bemmel
Software Engineer and Scrum Master

Christiaan is responsible for leading software development using Agile methodology. He facilitates the scrum process, manages sprint backlog, tracks progress, and identifies roadblocks. As a software engineer, he writes and reviews code, troubleshoots issues and participates in code reviews.

Avatar of Mark Kampstra
Mark Kampstra
Cloud Engineer and Developer

Mark designs, implements and maintains cloud-based solutions to align with organization's goals, troubleshoot and optimize systems, and ensure security and compliance of the cloud infrastructure.

Avatar of Wes Oldenbeuving
Wes Oldenbeuving
Ruby specialist

Wes is a Ruby specialist with extensive experience in building and maintaining complex (web) applications. He has a deep understanding of the Ruby programming language and loves to solve the most intricate problems.

Avatar of Yassine Benhadi
Yassine Benhadi
Frontend and App Developer

Yassine is a skilled frontend web and app developer. He is proficient in creating responsive and user-friendly interfaces for a wide range of applications, and has a solid understanding of web and app design principles.